Quality Policy

The Staff and management of Nava Barath Fertilizers Limited are committed to consistent provision of Quality products and services that will satisfy the demands and expectations of customers by continual improvement of Quality Management System and conforming to Local standards and prevailing codes of Standards.

Our Quality Objective is :

  1. Improving Customer Satisfaction
  2. Improving Suppliers Performance
  3. Improving Processes
  4. On time Delivery performance

Navabharath Fertilizers Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organisation for providing Manufacturing quality management and its organic manure is certified for NPOP by Adity Certification Agency.

Corporate Growth

In the course of NFL’s history, the company has developed underlying strengths that serve us well today and will continue to do so in the future.

  • In the excellent relationships with the farming community
  • Clear anticipation and quick adaptation to changing customer needs
  • We are second to none in terms of opportunities in long term perspective
  • The best Research & Development 

Our Capable Management Team and work culture helps us to attract, develop, motivate and retain exceptional professionals. It also encourages them to work together in a real spirit of team work. Looking ahead, we are well equipped to participate actively in the economic growth buoyed by favourable conditions.

From Famine to Plenty – Our principles of Organic Farming

  • To maintain the long-term fertility of soils.
  • To produce foodstuffs of high nutritional quality and sufficient quantity.
  • To give livestock, conditions of life, that confirm to their physiological need.
  • To avoid all sorts of pollution that may result from spontaneous usage of very toxic chemical fertilizers in the farming fields.
  • To reduce the use of fossil energy in Agricultural practice to a minimum.
  • To work as much as possible within a closed system, and draw upon local Resources.
  • To make it possible for agricultural producers to earn a living through their work and develop their potentialities as human being.
  • To improve and sustain region specific agroecosystems & environment.

Future Focus

  • To achieve a minimum turnover of Rs.2000 Millions by the financial year of
  • To concentrate on high value & low volume fertilizers.
  • To establish minimum of 1 production units in every State of India.
  • To increase the current market share and remain as market leader.
  • To develop Strategic Alliances with MNCs for contract research.
  • To develop several groups of cultivators for obtaining CARBON CREDITS.
  • To increase the product base from 25 to 50 by 2025.
  • To explore business opportunities in overseas markets.