More 69

MORE 69 is a Biotechnology Research Product developed by our In-House R&D experts. MORE 69 contains Humates & Sea Weed Extract fortified with essential tillering factors mixed and coated on Bentonite granules under scientifically controlled conditions. The special technique used ensures a Slow and Sustained Release of all the essential product components. When applied in the soil, MORE 69 provides nutritional support at critical growth stages of the crop resulting in increased tillering which in turn increases the yield levels appreciably.



  1. Helps to develop a strong root system.
  2. Improves physical and biological properties of soil.
  3. Improves nutrient uptake and enhances vegetative growth.
  4. Luxuriant vegetative growth increases the photosynthetic activity.
  5. Increases tillering and yield levels appreciably.

Dosage Recommendation

It is recommended for tillering crops like paddy, wheat and sugarcane.
A dosage of 7-8 Kgs per acre should be applied as follows
For Paddy & Wheat : 15-25 days after transplanting or sowing.
For Sugarcane : 35-40 days after sowing.