• Vishist can protect like an armor for crops from various fungal & Bacterial  All the crops can be protected effectively from  Powdery Mildew , Botrytis , Phomopsis Cane, Leaf spot, Downy  Mildew, Black  Rot and  the like.
  • It can improve the natural resistance in the plants and results in protection all kinds of ailments.
  • As the plant’s growth being good shall result in highest yield of best quality.
Vishist rbt ml

Dosage Recommendation

4-5 ml of Vishist  with 1 litre water and be sprayed  over the leaves of crop until get wet from all sides, then all kinds of crop ailments shall be removed off.

The recommended crops: Grain crops, root crops, and  vegetable crops  and fruit crops and coffee crops , citrus plants, grass type crops, and horticulture crops are being used.