VIBHA is 100% water soluble with combination of natural sticky resinous medicinal plant extracts. The product contains a specific group of botanicals extract which is sustainable and eco-friendly. VIBHA has dimensional action in the terms of plant growth enhancer and pest resistance / anti-feedant. This unique product tested on all field crops like Rice, Cotton, Chilli, Sugarcane etc, vegetables crop and cash crop and shown excellent results. With respect to growth promotion and enhanced defence mechanism against selective sucking pest.

Mode of Action:

  1. VIBHA act as Broad spectrum and preventive action against potential damages from insect-pests. The product provides plants additional energy to fight stress resulting in better growth increased branching, flowering, fruiting and ultimately increase in yield.



  1. 2-2.5 ml per litre of water. For better results repeat the application at 10-15 days interval. Preferable apply in morning and evening for better efficacy.

    Note: Apply as foliar spray in conjunction with balance nutrition program.