Research and Development

Our Research and Development is totally focused on improving our products, from time to time.At NAVA Bharath, we discover and develop next generation of commercial products. The company invests substantially in R&D and concentrates its efforts to reap richer harvests in agriculture.

Chelated Customised Micronutrient Formulations – The real breakthrough

A major breakthrough for our strong R&D team, these crop-specific formulations are manufactured using unique organic Chelation Technology. The formulation supplies instant nutrients to the plants whether in a foliar spray form or as a soil application.

Plant Growth Promoters

Crop specific formulation with different essential plant growth ingredients to stimulate the root & shoot growth substantially on development of new Bio Technologically driven Agri –Inputs.

Wetting Agents

To enhance the efficiency of our products which are needed for foliar spray. These plant growth promoters and wetting agents increase the efficiency of agro chemicals like insecticides, fungicides, acaricides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers. In turn they help in overall growth of the plant.