‘Jumbo 111′ is a phosphate solubilizing bio-fertilizer containing Bacillus megatherium var. phosphaticum to solubilize the chemically fixed insoluble phosphates and make them biologically available to plants in the soil.

Benefits of ‘Jumbo 111’ application in crops:

  1. Solubilizes 25-30% of phosphorous required by the crop.
  2. Increases the efficiency of applied phosphorus fertilizers.
  3. Encourages the early root development and vegetative growth.
  4. Fortifies the soil with bacterial metabolites and growth promoters.


Liquid bio-fertilizer containing efficient strain of Bacillus megaterium var. phosphaticum in dormant form @ 1x 108 CFU per ml.

Recommended crops:

Suitable for all crops like cereals, millets, pulses, oil seeds, vegetables, fruit trees, forage crops and plantations.


250ml. per acre.

Directions for use:

Seedling dip: Mix 50ml. of ‘Jumbo 111’ in 70 litres of water and dip the root system of seedling for 10min. in the solution before transplanting.

Soil application: For main field / nursery of 1 acre, mix 250ml. of ‘Jumbo 111’ with 200kg. organic manure and broadcast when the soil is just wet.

Orchards: Apply at the root zone of individual trees or vines directly early in the season @ 2 ml/ lit of water.

Drip irrigation: Apply 250ml. of ‘Jumbo 111’ to soil along with irrigation by drip/sprinkler per acre.


  • Ensure sufficient moisture in soil when applying.
  • Don’t mix with chemical pesticides and herbicides.
  • Place below the seed or below the root system.
  • Shake well before use.