Bio Fertilizers – Supreme

SUPREME is a liquid bio fertilizer containing efficient fungal strains of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) @ 2000-2500 IP per ml.

SUPREME is available in two formulations – Powder form and Liquid Form.

When SUPREME is applied in the soil, the VAM propagules start to multiply and grow. The growing VAM hypahae establish contact with plant root and produce arbascules & vesicles.

Due to the association formed with the plant roots and the extensive growth of the VAM hyphae, VAM acts as an extension of the plant root system. Further, the extended hyphae absorb vital nutrients from the soil and start feeding the vital nutrients to the plant.

The multiple branched net layers of VAM hyphae also prevent the loss of soil moisture present in the soil and thus protect the plant from water stress. The hyphael growth near the root zone also ensures that harmful soil microbes are not able to infect the crop.

Thus SUPREME imparts tolerance to crops from several problems such as drought, nematode attack, soil borne pathogens and micronutrient deficiencies etc.


  1. Increases the effective root system and enhances the uptake of water, Phosphorus and Micronutrients.
  2. Helps in efficient utilization of applied phosphatic fertilizers by the crop.
  3. Induces systemic resistance and controls nematodes and disease causing soil borne pathogens.
  4. Enhance and tolerance to different stress conditions like high salt level, heavy metal toxicity, drought, water logged conditions etc.
  5. Decreases transplantation shock
  6. Increases crop yield.

Dosage Recommendation

Powder Formulation – 6 Kgs SUPRME can be mixed with suitable organic fertilizer like VIJAYA GROMIN and applied in one acre.
Liquid Formulation – Soil application of 500 ml of SUPREME per acre is recommended It should be mixed with organic fertilizer like VIJAYA GROMIN.


For maximum efficiency, SUPREME should not be applied alongwith chemical fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or soil fumigants. It is recommended that SUPREME should be applied 7-10 days before or after application of chemical fertilizers like Urea, DAP, SSP and MOP.