Organic Manure – Vijaya Gromin ( For Growing Yields)

VIJAYA GROMIN is made by employing a unique manufacturing process involving careful selection and perfect blending of the finest grade decomposed and enriched sugarcane press-mud, high end biological wastes.

Due to its high organic matter along with other soil beneficial microbial supporting matters,it has several advantages,some of them are….


  1. Improves soil health and nutrient turnover.
  2. Improves soil texture and aeration.
  3. increase population of beneficial soil microbes
  4. Improves water percolation and retention.
  5. Improves the buffering capacity of soil
  6. Increases the Humus content in soil

Dosage Recommendation

It is recommended that VIJAYA GROMIN be applied routinely for every crop at a minimum rate of 80-100 Kgs per acre.

Higher dosages as per recommendations of State Agricultural Universities or Local Research Institutes are highly beneficial for soil health and nutrition management and overall growth and development of the crops.