‘Jeel’ is a liquid organic manure, complex of liquid organic matter and humates with all macro and micro nutrients extracted from vermicompost and seaweed. After application, the nutrients become available instantly and enhance the root and shoot growth vigorously.

How does ‘Jeel’ benefit the crop?

  1. It is a supplement organic nutrients to the plant.
  2. Due to presence of humates in ‘Jeel’, acts as a bio-stimulant for crop growth.
  3. Promotes healthy rapid growth and robustness of plants.
  4. Promotes flowering and fruit set in plants.
  5. Induces tolerance against different stress conditions.
  6. It improves physical and chemical properties of soil, ultimately retain more moisture and nutrients for longer period.

Recommended Crops:

Suitable for all crops like cereals, millets, pulses, oil seeds, vegetables, fruit trees, forage crops and plantations.


For soil Application: 1 liter per acre.

Application method:

Soil application:

Mix 1 liter of ‘Jeel’ with 100-150 kgs of organic manure and broadcast uniformly on the soil of standing crop.


Mix 1 liter of ‘Jeel’ in the fertigation tank and allow irrigating the crop for 30 minutes.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep the bottle in a cool and dry place.
  • Ensure enough moisture in the soil when applied.