‘Moksha’ as an organic fertilizer promoting the growth of efficient strains of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria which reside successfully in the  environs of the roots and improve plant growth by means of control of pathogens, increased nutrient acquirement and phyto-hormone production.


  1. Soluble and mobilize several nutrients like P, K, Zn, Fe etc., to plant.
  2. Promote germination, flowering and fruiting.
  3. Promote fast growth of the crop.
  4. Help in root elongation and branching.
  5. Suppress the soil borne pathogens.
  6. Improve the physical, chemical and biological environment of the soil.
  7. Improve crop growth and yield by 15-20%.


Liquid organic fertilizer promoting the growth of Bacillus Sp. & Pseudomonas Sp.

Recommended crops:

Suitable for all crops like cereals, millets, pulses, oil seeds, vegetables, fruit trees, forage crops and plantations.

Dosage Recommendation

500ml. per acre.

Directions for use:

Soil Application: For main field / nursery of 1 acre, mix 500ml. of ‘Moksha’ with 200kg. organic manure and broadcast when the soil is just wet.

Orchards: Apply at the root zone of individual trees or vines directly early in the season @ 2ml. /liter of water.

Drip Irrigation: Apply 500ml. of ‘Moksha’ to soil along with irrigation by drip / sprinkler per acre.


  • Ensure sufficient moisture in soil when applying.
  • Place below the seed or below the root system.