Vinzyme (Liquid & Granule)

Vinnzyme contains various plant growth promoting amino acids extracted from soybean protein source. It is available in two formulations–Granular formulation for soil application and Liquid formulation for Foliar application

Vinnzyme helps crops to withstand various environmental stresses. It promotes synthesis of phytoalexins. It Increases nutrient uptake and induces sympodial branching which is an essential factor for increased flowering and fruiting.


  1. Provides an immediate supply of vital Amino acids and other nutrients.
  2. The liquid formulation is easily absorbed by leaves and utilized immediately.
  3. Improves plant vigour, flower and fruit retention.
  4. Improves yield quality, maturity and quantity.

Dosage Recommendation

Soil application : Vinnzyme should be applied at 8-10 Kgs per acre.

Foliar application : Vinnzyme should be applied at 1.5-2.5 ml per litre of water.